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 Tenants.Legal was formed to provide tenants a fighting chance. We represent tenants before the Landlord and Tenant Board and Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Whether you have been served an eviction notice, have been subjected to an above the guideline increase, or are dealing with harassment or illegal entries/lock outs, you can rest easy knowing that we will fight with you to protect your rights and hold your landlord accountable.  

We have been representing, organizing, and advocating for Ontario tenants for more than ten years. Our paralegals have held various roles prior to joining the firm, from tenant advocates, organizers, large private/public sector union representatives, to housing and shelter workers. Since 2014, we have represented tenants in some of Ontario's most notorious Landlord and Tenant disputes.

Areas of Focus: 

Defending against unlawful evictions (e.g. false claims of landlord's own use ("N12s”) and renovations (“N13s”) aka "renovictions"

Defending Above-Guideline Rent Increases 

Harassment or Interference with Reasonable Enjoyment 

Human Rights Applications 

Illegal Rent Increases 

Illegal Entries 

Maintenance and Repair issues 

Holding landlords accountable does not stop in the court room. We encourage tenants to organize with their neighbours, form tenant associations, and crowd fund to help pay for the cost of their legal fees. Only by working together, can tenants remain in their homes and communities. Together, tenants can defeat unfair and unjust evictions. Together, tenants can force their landlords to maintain their homes in a good state of repair and respect their rights. Together, tenants can show landlords. that tenants’ rights matter!  

Bradley Truax -  Litigation Paralegal

Bradley Truax is an experienced, community-based advocate focused on providing legal services in areas of Human Rights and Residential Landlord and Tenant matters.  Bradley demonstrates a passion for tenant rights, and regularly appears before the Landlord and Tenant Board to defend tenants against predatory landlords. 

Bradley adamantly seeks justice for individuals who have experienced discrimination and harassment at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.  Bradley consistently represents individuals on a broad range of discrimination and harassment applications under the Human Rights Code.  He has significant experience representing individuals who have been discriminated against due to disability, sexual orientation, or who have been subjected to sexual harassment.

Outside of his legal career, Bradley is the executive director of the Ontario Tenant Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of Ontario tenants.  Bradley also has experience working hands-on within the Toronto shelter system, where he developed an expansive appreciation for the human cost of the current rental climate.

Bradley has been licensed as a paralegal since 2014.  Prior to that, he gained experience working as a tenant advocate for six years, helping countless low-income tenants assert their rights against exploitative landlords.  He combines this extensive practical knowledge and advocacy with necessary legal expertise to provide comprehensive legal service.

Graduating Humber College's Paralegal Education Program with Honours in 2013, Bradley subsequently attended George Brown College's Community Worker Program.  Additionally, he has received a Certificate in Human Rights Theory & Practice from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, and is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminal Justice.

Randy McLin - Litigation Paralegal

Randy  has over a decade of experience as a community worker and advocate supporting low income and working class communities around issues such as tenants’ rights, policing of public space, income security, health equity and harm reduction access

Prior to entering the legal field, he worked in a number of front line roles within the social service sector including work in homeless shelters, drop-ins, community health centres and harm reduction street outreach programs.  From this work, Randy brings a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive/anti-racist practice that helps him to support and empathize with clients who seeking help in times of crisis.

As a former member of the Parkdale Tenants’ Association, Randy also has extensive experience in supporting tenant associations and other organized groups of tenants.  He believes that tenants are stronger when we work together with others in our buildings and communities and encourages tenants to get organized in order to assert their rights.

Randy also has a passion for seeking justice for those who have experienced discrimination or harassment because of their gender, sexuality, race, disability or other Human Rights Code protected grounds.  As a member of the LGBTQ community, he brings his lived experience with discrimination and oppression into this work.  Randy is especially equipped to help transgender individuals to ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity in the workplace, school, health care and other environments.

In addition to his work in the legal field, Randy also works as a freelance trainer and consultant within the non-profit sector, helping organizations to develop inclusive policies and training programs.  He specializes in creating peer-based programs for people of lived experiences of poverty that focus on developing practical advocacy and empowerment skills.

Randy is a graduate of Centennial College’s Accelerated Paralegal Studies program and has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from York University in Sociology.  He also has a Certificate in Human Rights Theory & Practice from Osgoode Hall Law School, and a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Centennial College.

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