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Riverside is a neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Windsor, Ontario.  It is best defined by the waterfront road, Riverside Drive, which runs parallel to the Detroit River.  The western boundary is approximately Westminster Boulevard running easterly to Rendezvous Shores and the Windsor/Tecumseh town line.  That town line is formally defined by a drainage ditch to the Eastern side of the Rendezvous property.  Rendezvous Shores is a recent development on the lands which were a large grass field between a marine basin and the Rendezvous Tavern, the Tavern was approximately 1150 feet south from the Lake St.  Clair shore and the marine basin, while the adjoining properties were a maximum 800 feet, thus the marine basin jutted out into the southwest corner of Lake St.  Clair.  Most of the structure was break wall which was later landfilled to the east, and on most marine charts is referred to as Askin's Point.

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Truax Legal Services addresses particular aspects of residential tenancies, and human rights matters.

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Definition: "something presented in support of the truth or accuracy of a claim "

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